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Get the Support You Need to Fight Criminal Charges -
Protect Your Constitutional Rights

Our attorneys will gather all of the facts of your case to build a robust defense. They’ll work hard to achieve the best possible results. Meet with us today if you’re facing Misdemeanor or Felony charges, such as OWIs, drug offenses, and/or traffic violations. We can file for an Expungement, assist in sentence modifications, or seek Specialized Driving Privileges. 

Attorney Wright-Ryan and Attorney Wright can also help with juvenile delinquency matters. Call our office today if you need to consult a criminal defense attorney in Loogootee, Martin County, IN and surrounding areas.

Avoid the stigma of a criminal conviction

You might know the immediate penalties for a criminal conviction, such as fines, jail time or probation. But did you know that a criminal record can have a lasting effect on your life? With a criminal conviction, you could find it very difficult to get a job, secure housing, get into college or obtain a loan. A felony can have a massive impact on your life including losing the right to vote or carry a firearm.

These are major roadblocks that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Our attorneys will do their best to help you fight criminal charges so that you can avoid tarnishing your record. Call now to speak with a criminal attorney in Loogootee, Martin County, IN and surrounding areas. Attorney Wright-Ryan has years of criminal defense experience, and she’ll make your case her top priority.